Chicago, USA

 Paul Robeson: ‘Unity for Peace’ — Speech at Chicago Peace Congress, 1951

"There is no doubt in my mind but that it is possible to find ways of agreement between nations of different economic and social systems. The peoples of the world clearly want this agreement. It rests with us here in the United States to do our share, to give the final popular push which will let our government know that the people of this great country, in their vast majority, also want peace in the world—not destruction.

We have come from all over America, representing various views, differing views of all kinds, flowing from the great diversities in our American life. But, however varied our backgrounds, we are united in the task of working out common grounds for action—action for peace, plenty, co-operation and friendship.

It is not only important, it is absolutely essential, that if we are to achieve our ends we must put aside everything which tends to divide the ranks of the peace crusaders, and accentuate the common thirst for peace—no more war—which is the universal urge in our hearts and minds.

We may not see eye to eye on all the problems of this troubled world, but we know that unless we unite in a single-minded determination to win the peace, we may soon have no world in which to exercise our differences."

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American People's Congress and Exposition for Peace held in Chicago which had a huge turnout o American people, especially the working classes. Paul Robeson, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois and William Patterson were among the speakers.