Bengaluru, India

India celebrates Paul Robeson and his ideas in the 125th year of his birth

Upcoming Event in Bangalore, India

The All India Peace and Solidarity Organization, along with the Gandhi Global Family will be celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of Paul Robeson on the 24th of June, 2023 at the Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore starting 10.30 am.

The event will address the history of the Indian peace movement, discuss the current world situation and the role that India must play in creating a new and just world order.

See the flyer on the right for more details and you can find a mission statement for the event here.

Intercivilizational Dialogue Project is celebrating Robeson by releasing interviews of Dr. Anthony Monteiro and Dr. Sumangala Damodaran on the life and legacy of Paul Robeson. They discuss Robeson's politics, music and philosophy and his relevance for our times.

Vishwabandhu Issue 3 Full.pdf

Vishwabandhu (A friend of the World), a journal that serves a medium of inter-civilizational dialogue for democracy and struggle for peace, dedicated its current issue to Paul Robeson and the celebration of his philosophy and ideas. 

"This year marks the 125th birth anniversary of revolutionary artist and freedom fighter Paul Robeson. We dedicate this issue of Vishwabandhu to his memory and legacy. Paul Robeson was loved and celebrated by the peoples of the world. Many Indian thinkers and activists have paid tributes to this great man, and his 60th birth anniversary was celebrated in India under an all India committee under the leadership of M.C. Chagla and Indira Gandhi. In this issue we have collected and republished some moving tributes by Indians to Paul Robeson, including an English translation of a poem by Ali Sardar Jaffri. The issue also includes four articles on the relevance of Paul Robeson’s ideas and life today, an article on China and current world affairs by M.K. Bhadrakumar and an article on Perin Chandra and the Indian peace movement."